Delta-Stallion Internationale Transport GmbH offers worldwide ocean freight solutions on all important freight routes. Our international sea transports always bring your cargo reliably and responsibly to its destination.

Our ocean freight shipments cost considerably less than standard air freight transports and are therefore a perfect alternative, as long as your cargo does not have to reach the destination within a short time or is perishable, as it is often the case with airfreight transports.

We take your individual requirements into account and offer you the best ocean freight solution for your shipment, from FCL freight (Full Container Load) and LCL freight (Less than Container Load) to break bulk cargo and dangerous goods freight. From pick-up and documentation, to transport insurance and loading, to customs clearance and delivery, our experts will be happy to assist you at every stage and take care of your needs. In addition, our experts are always up to date for example to handle administrative formalities when exporting or importing your freight. In the course of the entire order, a permanent contact person takes care of the smooth running of your shipment.

Container ship, services, ocean freight, Delta-Stallion Internationale Transport GmbH

Hamburg harbor, container ships, services, ocean freight, Delta-Stallion Internationale Transport GmbH

Get in touch with us and we will find the optimal ocean freight solution for you.

Here is a small selection of our services in the field of ocean freight:
  • Worldwide ocean freight solutions (export, import and crosstrades)
  • Complete freight containers, FCL (Full Container Load)
  • Collective freight and general cargo, LCL (Less than Container Load)
  • Break bulk shipping (for anything that cannot be shipped with containers)
  • Dangerous goods shipment
  • Document creation and customs clearance
  • Transportation insurance